• Terenence R.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeding your Sportmix Energy Plus formula and your Puppy Small Bites to 9 pups that I just started weaning. Just wanted to say that I love your dog food and the dogs look awesome also.

  • Jennifer S.

    Rome, GA

    I wanted to tell you how much I love your products! I raise and show Dobermans and feed only your foods, supplemented with a bit of raw meat. I also use it in my boarding kennel. We house rescued shelter dogs for shelters all over the US until they are quarantined and ready to go to the rescues or forever homes. One of my Dobes showed at the Doberman Nationals this year in Lancaster, PA. He showed 5 times and placed 2nd four out of those five showings!

  • Stacy P.

    Hi! I just wanted to say how much my dogs LOVE SPORTMIX dog food! We have been feeding the SPORTMIX Maintenance to our two border collies and 2 chihuahuas and it has proven to be a great fit for all four dogs, even though there is a major size difference between the breeds. Thank you, and again, we LOVE SPORTMIX in our household!

  • Rodney, C.

    Monrovia, IN

    My adult poodle has a sensitive stomach and can not eat many of the treats available on the market. He really enjoys the Puppy Golden Sportmix biscuits without any problems with his stomach. He has ME trained very well!! He gets one as a reward whenever he goes outside. I also like that you are an Indiana company. Supporting Indiana companies are a great thing. Thank you for a great product!

  • Kristina W.

    Hello, I have recently found your food and I am very glad I did! We have four dogs, and I wanted a quality food for them without all the fillers. They are eating your Wholesomes food (chicken and rice, fish and rice) and still need to try your lamb and rice. All four dogs love it, and our lanky German Shepherd has filled out very nicely on your food. I just checked dogfoodadvisor.com, curious how it stacks up to previous foods I have used, and was amazed at how well it has been evaluated. It is a “higher quality than average dry dog food” and “recommended”. Kudos for making an affordable product that is free from questionable substances and I can feel good about feeding my pets.

  • Dawn R.

    Greenville, MI

    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love the SPORTMIX® charcoal biscuits. I have two large, rough collies and one senior sheltie and all three of our dogs have very sensitive tummies. We love them a lot and want to give them all the wonderful smelling treats that are out there, but almost always my dogs get sick from them and can’t keep them down. SPORTMIX® charcoal biscuits help to settle our dogs’ tummies, plus my dogs absolutely love them. I now also buy them for my office at a credit union. We give them out to dogs that come through the drive-thru window. I find they are also good to give to dogs before traveling. I tell all my friends about them too.

  • Danny

    Dubois, IN

    Just wanted to let you know how much we love your dog food. We feed the Energy Plus 27/20 and just love it. You may hear this a lot, but from someone who gets a free ride with another brand of dog food but still goes out and buys SPORTMIX®, that’s saying a lot. To me it means you are doing it right. I own 12 top coon hounds and they never looked better. Thanks.

  • Robin S.

    I just wanted to send you an email to tell you that I wouldn’t feed anything to my dogs but SPORTMIX® . With the weather changing, we know we can switch formulas and still be satisfied. My husband owns coon hunting dogs and they need all the energy and nutrients they can get all the time and your product offers both. Please don’t change a thing about your food.

  • Charlene S.

    Chicopee, MA

    Just a note to tell you about my Golden Retriever pup (she’s 18 months old) who has been eating Sportmix® High Protein since she was weaned from puppy chow. She is a competitive dock jumping dog, just getting started in her career. She is a high energy dog, with incredible speed, and we are so proud of her. Your food has been keeping her healthy and happy for over a year. Thanks for a great product.