• Caitlin C.

    I just want to say that your dog food is great. I accidentally stumbled upon it at Family Farm and Home (my place of work) and we were out of our current kibble, so I tried it on a whim and am so pleased with the results. My Australian Cattle Dog has been on multiple, high-end diets, and your Wholesomes recipe has blown them out of the water. His hot spots and greasy skin have subsided and he’s always happy to have dinner, which is something he hasn’t been excited about in a long time. I wish FFH carried your cat food, because I’d absolutely switch my cats over in a heartbeat.

  • Amanda H.

    I wanted to send this to give you guys praise for the great food at an affordable price. I had problems with my dog and cat both getting the adequate nutrition they needed and when I fed them the Sportmix Original Recipe cat food and Bite Size dog food I noticed both were eating half the amount they normally would with any other pet food brand I’ve tried and were full for longer. I was so impressed I recommended it to every pet owner I know.

  • Patches B.


    I want to thank you so much for the Sportmix Wholesomes Lamb and Rice dog food. I had been feeding my dogs, another leading brand. They must have changed something because shedding was out of control. Both dogs developed big scabs and sores. I read the testimonials on your web site and decided to try it. My dog is picky about dog food, so I was a little nervous. They both ate the food right away and their skin was all healed and looking beautiful and shiny in less than a week. This is only food I will buy.

  • Kim


    I switched my dogs to your Sportmix about a month and a half ago. They both like the food and it has made their coats very shiny and healthy looking. And they don’t seem to mooch as much either. Thank you for making a great dog food at a reasonable price

  • Kristen


    I wanted to comment on the great quality of your dog food. Our 6 dogs have been eating the maintenance and high energy bags most of their lives. Never have had any problems with your products. Thank you!

  • Amy S.

    Maynardville, TN

    I buy Wholesomes Large Breed and the Fish Meal and Brown Rice formulas for my pets. I have a Great Dane that has urinary tract problems. I have spent a large amount of money at the vet on testing, prescription dog foods, and medications. I happened upon your product while at CO-OP. WOW!!! Your food has fixed her issues. As long as I keep her on your food she does great, but when I can’t get it she starts all over with her problems. I also have a Walker Coonhound and a Bluetick beagle. They do great and love the fish meal. First I want to praise your Large breed food! I was looking into having to put my girl down until we finally found the Wholesomes Large Breed, I am so amazed it works, but thankful it does!! 

  • Kristen W.


    As a veterinary tech for 20 years and caring for 5 rescued pit bulls, I have to say that your Sportmix Wholesomes grain-free is an amazing food. It is superior to the expensive brands. Feeding 5 big dogs can be pricey, but your food is within budget and a great source of nutrition. Thanks for the reasonable price.

  • Justin


    My name is Justin V. and I am a professor and owner of a labrador retriever kennel in Wisconsin. My dogs are high performance labradors that hunt and run hunt tests all over the country. We have sold pups to families all over the country from Texas to Montana to Indiana to Wisconsin. We also train client dogs to hunt and run hunt tests and for obedience. For nearly 10 years I was feeding my dogs another leading brand. However, over the past couple of years I noticed their coats getting worse and they were shedding more and drinking more water and they didn’t have as much energy. After researching the food it became apparent that since this brand was bought out, their products got worse and worse, more corn and grain and by-producgts and less meat and vegetables. Many other breeders and trainers and professional hunting guides I know and interact with concurred with my findings and noted similar issues with their dogs.

    Recently I began working with my local pet food distributor and he recommended I try your products because the k-cals are high and  the larger kibble is good for cleaning their teeth. This is especially important for my labs because they eat faster than a typical lab eats. They are ridiculous. Anyway, for the past 3.5 months I have been feeding your Sportmix Wholesomes diet. The results have been good; much better, softer coats and less shedding. I am feeding less food to maintain weight and getting good energy levels. I would like to compliment you on this diet.

  • John


    I write this to show my support of your product, and give some good news. I run and train beagles for hunting and AKC field trialing. I have been feeding the Sportmix Wholesomes chicken and rice formula to my beagles now for close to 5 years. After trying many different brands, with fair and sometimes poor results, I chose yours. I truly like the way my dogs hold up, under my tough training regimens . 
    These dogs are extreme athletes. I demand more out of my dogs than the average pet owner. I use the beagles for what they have been bred for, and expect them to be at their peak. Nutrition is a key element in this training and the Wholesomes have provided that for me. To show proof of this, one of my dogs had an extremely great trial season under the AKC small pack option and large pack formats. I have a 15″ male that not only finished his requirements to make AKC field champion, he also was this years winner in the 15″ male class at the AKC Large Pack National Championship to give him an honored title of National Large Pack Champion. An important part of trialing is, having him at his physical best, every time we go to a trial. Feeding this dog food played a key role in his success, by keeping him at his best physically. I get many compliments on how good he not only performs in the field, but also on how well he looks. This is a very tough and competitive sport, where there are many good dogs to compete against. I believe Sportmix helped me in getting an “edge” on the competition. Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work.