• Heather P.

    I have to say I love your food my pitbull has a metabolism disorder and your food is the thing I have found that keeps him at a healty weight. Thank you so much!

  • Jeff M.

    Recently tried your Original Choice Medium Variety dog biscuit treats and my dog really is enjoying them. He would turn his nose up at some other brands of treats, but he really loves chewing down on your brand of treats. Thanks so much for making such a great line of dog products.

  • Jeff M.

    Austin, TX

    I just started using Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken and Rice and my dog is really enjoying it. I appreciate that you all are from Indiana, just like me, that the ingredients are top notch and that you have never had a recall. I used to buy a dog food with a bunch of corn in it and am so glad I could find one with better ingredients, made in America and I can even save money!

    Thanks for making such a great and affordable dog food.

  • Richard G.

    Love the Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken & Rice. My 3 year old Weimaraner has had skin issues since he was 8 weeks old. Several vet exams & many tests revealed nothing wrong, no parasites, bacteria or fungus. So I started testing dog foods & have probably tried 15 different brands & formulations, including super premium ridiculously expensive brands. One day I tried the Sportmix and to my surprise his skin started showing improvement. He’s been eating Sportmix for over 1-1/2 years and his skin & coat are perfect. Thanks for a great product at a great price. 

  • Mike S.

    I am feeding Sportmix Wholesomes with lamb and rice to my two Belgian Malinois and my two Dalmatians for two + years. The mals are picky. Since feeding Sportmix I have had no problems. Great food vet says they are very healthy.

  • Gabrielle H.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am a breeder of American bullies and I have 6 right now plus 1 rescue American pitbull terriers. They absolutely LOVE Sportmix food in the black bag! It is very affordable. I have so many dogs and it is the only food I feed them. Thank you for your product. Thank you 🙂

  • S.C.

    We started using Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken and Brown Rice and my 10 rescue German Shepherds love it. Good price and great quality.
    Left another leading brand over three years ago because of corn fillers and quality issues. Price was going out of site as well.
    Keep your quality in check, prices under control, and your dog food will continue it’s success. It’s not cheap feeding 10 big companions but they deserve the best at a reasonable price. 

  • Bridget S.


    Id like to say how impressed I am with your Wholesomes line of food. We were unaware of the horrible effects of some of the other brands out there and my dogs kept losing weight and getting allergies from other brands. We finally had a friend tell us about Wholesomes. We were paying more and more for the “better quality” dog food we kept trying with our dogs. Although your dog food is a bit more than what we were used to paying, we are happy to pay it as our dogs have a healthy weight, their coat is beautiful and the hot spots and itching has gone away. Its a great dog food. Thank you!

  • Robert D.


    I have been showing dogs for many years, and have fed multiple different foods. My results since switching to SPORTMIX has been amazing. Ive finished multiple dogs champion titles, placed at national level shows, and even won a couple best in shows. I’m currently feeding 13 dogs your food and all are competing in either conformation shows, weight pulling and other sports, or hog hunting. Thank you.