• Sonya C.

    Piedmont, SC

    My two beagles love SPORTMiX! We have a lot of hunting dog and hands down SPORTMiX is the best.

  • Justin G.

    Port Saint Lucie, FL

    Had to try about 7 different foods before my lab would stop itching and she has minimal dandruff now. Huge thanks to you guys!!!!

  • Matthew M.

    Gonzales, LA

    I feed all of my American Bulldogs SPORTMiX, they really enjoy it.

  • Heather P.

    I have to say I love your food my pitbull has a metabolism disorder and your food is the thing I have found that keeps him at a healty weight. Thank you so much!

  • Gabrielle H.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am a breeder of American bullies and I have 6 right now plus 1 rescue American pitbull terriers. They absolutely LOVE Sportmix food in the black bag! It is very affordable. I have so many dogs and it is the only food I feed them. Thank you for your product. Thank you 🙂

  • Robert D.


    I have been showing dogs for many years, and have fed multiple different foods. My results since switching to SPORTMIX has been amazing. Ive finished multiple dogs champion titles, placed at national level shows, and even won a couple best in shows. I’m currently feeding 13 dogs your food and all are competing in either conformation shows, weight pulling and other sports, or hog hunting. Thank you.

  • Sean P.

    Peculiar, MO

    Hello My name is Sean P. I have 4 daughters and two Beagles; one of which previously had a seizure condition. Since starting him on Sportmix about six months ago, his seizures began to decrease in number and frequency, and now they don’t happen at all. Choosing Sportmix was definitely a good choice for my family and I.

  • Samantha G.

    I just wanted to tell you that you are the greatest dog food company in the world! I have 3 dogs that vary in ages from 14 to 4 and my husband and I have struggled to find a dog food that they would eat for more than a few days. I knew I had to find one fast because my 14 year old AM Staff was slowly losing her zest for life. She suffers from Arthritis and has a really hard time staying motivated throughout the day. I was scared that I was going to lose her, one day she took a turn for the worst and wouldn’t move from the couch, eat or even drink. I was terrified and begged her not to leave me so soon. She slowly got up and started to drink but would not eat any food, My husband and I searched the internet for a dog food that would do exactly what it advertised. As a last ditch effort I ran across your brand on the Tractor Supply website and found my way to your personal webpage. After reading the testimonials from your page and decided this was the product I was going to try. I was still really skeptical because we have tried numerous other leading brands with no success. The night we brought the new bag home and gave some to the dogs they snubbed their noses at it and walked away. We felt defeated and concerned but over some time I noticed that my AM Staff was sneaking small bites when she thought no one was looking. The next day I couldn’t believe that all the dog bowls where completely empty and the dogs where begging for food which was a huge SHOCK! They have been on the Sportmix Adult Mini Chunk for about a month and the difference in my 14 year old is unbelievable I cried the first time I saw her playing rough with my husband (she hasn’t done that in years) she can now run up and down the stairs, jump better than she has in many years and is just genuinely better spirited! My other 2 dogs are also looking better and full of energy, Sportmix you saved my AM Staffs life and for that I will forever be a loyal customer! We also bought your treats and the dogs love them, I have told all of my friends about you and your amazing brand. I honestly can’t thank you enough for making a brand that truly can transform an old dogs life and give me more time to make memories with my beloved baby!

  • Amanda H.

    I wanted to send this to give you guys praise for the great food at an affordable price. I had problems with my dog and cat both getting the adequate nutrition they needed and when I fed them the Sportmix Original Recipe cat food and Bite Size dog food I noticed both were eating half the amount they normally would with any other pet food brand I’ve tried and were full for longer. I was so impressed I recommended it to every pet owner I know.